Political Will

Author Bill Loughrey

Wickham Skinner, James E. Robison  Professor, Emeritus,  of

Harvard University,

" POLITICAL WILL proves very valuable for those who realize the importance of history and seek some concepts in which to frame and focus their understanding. The author describes the linked causes of great events and historical periods in a lively, realistic style. The emphasis on dynamic inter-play between political will and national results produces a fascinating and insightful view of American history.”

"The best, most easily understood book about America I have yet read." Bill Frenzel, former Member of Congress and Scholar at the Brookings Institute

"Great book.  I couldn't put it down, Everyone should read Political Will, a book with amazing revelations about people who are misunderstood in traditional history books." Mark Gersh, Director, National Committee for an Effective Congress.
Advisor to Democratic Candidates for Congress

"Well written, thoughtful, ambitious.  I hope he sells a ton of them."  Mark Frost, Managing Editor, Chronicle Newspaper.

"Political Will should be mandatory reading for anyone who graduates from an institution of higher learning in America. The book is thoroughly researched and superbly written. The last chapters on technology, management, and cyberspace are eapecially important as they portend the strengths in America's future." Ernest Pelletier, History Teacher and Administrator

"Loved Political Will, it's an awesome piece of work. Hope he's working on another one." Doug Ross, Cisco Executive

 "An amazing work, a real tour de force.  It contains fascinating stories about Lincoln, the Wright Brothers, Edison, and others that people won't find elsewhere unless they read dozens of biographies.  He has it all right here. An amazing book in its scope and detail.  Terrific!"
Bob Meyers, former Executive at Scientific-Atlanta














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America: Created by the Changing Will of Its People

This book takes us through the most incredible rise in the history of mankind beginning with the Founding Fathers and the changes they implemented - transforming life as it had been known for centuries.  Political Will is a panoramic tour through history that tells the story of how America became great which in turn points the way for us to get back on track.

Author Bill Loughrey's understanding of history leads him to breakthroughs and insights which are mind-changing and broadening. He shows how political will is influenced by economics, technologies, certain outstanding individuals, as well as political, government and religious precedents. It is a far-reaching and fascinating set of insights which he explores and shows as influencing political will and, hence, history.

The author has spent a life in politics, government, business, and the non-profit sector. His forty years of studying history and broad range of experience in the private and public sector put him in the unique position to expertly narrate this historical account of American civilization.
The book takes a broad political, historical, economic, technological, and cultural perspective. Political Will is a timely work that will rivet the attention of concerned Americans.